Bisskey CNC, CTN, and MyTv Apstar 6

Previously wrote about La Liga on CTN, CNC, and Mytv and also EPL 2019 2020 in fta, but last night the three broadcasts tested their broadcast scrambled.

new bisskey epl laliga apstar 6

Bisskey laliga epl 2019 2020 on ctn cnc and mytv Of course this scrambled makes the satellite dish tracker was anxious, lest one alternative to watch Epl and Laliga broadcasts in 2019 2020 disappear.

It turns out that the scrambled type used by CBS Group can still be opened because it uses the scrambled type that almost all receivers today support it, the scrambled type still uses bisskey when testing.

For more details, we will wait for the kick off of La Liga or EPL 2019 2020 to find out the type of scramble used by the three Cambodian broadcasts.

Bisskey CTN, CNC and My Tv Satellite: Apstar 6 Frequency: 4052
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 9628

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