Biss upgrade to Biss 2

biss to biss 2
After all this time BISS finally moved up to class again, scrambled biss were a scramble that accompanied the satellite dish tracker, some broadcast feeds on satellite dishes were still using Biss and opened with bisskey.

The random scramble can be opened with most of the cheap satellite dish receivers on the market, even some paid receivers can open these scrambled biscuits, such as the Garuda Matrix, Cinema Cinema, and the old version of the STB Gol.

Some feeds on European satellites (especially feeds from BT Sport) have started using the random BISS-2 (which can also be referred to as BISS-CA), with CAID = 2610. BISS-2 is different from the random scramble (CAID = 2600) which we can usually enjoy through Key scramble BISS-2 itself was developed since April 2018.

Until now, the scrambled BISS-2 has not been broken into. The EBU itself will reportedly begin to implement the scrambled BISS-2 globally by the end of this year is expected in the next few years, most broadcasts The feed will switch to BISS-2 scramble.

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