LNB C BAND Extendet 5750

LNB C BAND Extendet 5750

This is a discussion of the LNB 5750 frequency band due to the availability of a new satellite, Bangabandhu Satellite 1 (119.1 E), which is quite close to satellite in Indonesia. The advanced frequency of C Band LNB 5750 is sought out because of the curiosity of satellite trackers with new satellites, most of the LNBs used by the public use the standard 5150 frequency.

C Band LNB 5750 frequency you can see its features, this type of LNB has been around for a long time but many are not aware of it, although there are many old schools.

Therefore, the features of the extended LNB band 5750 C are very easy to see from the inscriptions written on LNB's body with the words LO: 5150/5750 Mhz In addition there is a fact that the LNB C 5750 band extension frequency LNB 5750 can indeed lock the signal of the standard 5150 frequency while the normal CBN LNB that supports only 5150 cannot lock broadcasts using the 5750 LNB frequency.

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