Wai Toddo tourist destinations Indonesia

Various tourist attractions in Indonesia, besides Bali it turns out that Sulawesi is one of the vacation destinations. In addition to the natural tourism of the Pakkalolo River in Lengkong Village, Bua District, Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, apparently there are still other tours in Bua Regency, Wai Toddo, this new Bua region tour is one of the tourist destinations that Luwu residents rely on.  
Wai Toddo tourist destinations Indonesia

Wai Toddo Bua Kab. Luwu located in the village of Bukit Harapan turned out to be a favorite of young people because of a very interesting photo place that was able to exist in cyberspace even though the development was incomplete when this post was made. 
Access road to reach Wai Toddo, the new tourist area of ​​Bua Kab. Luwu is also good for two or four wheels, so everyone can take a vacation in this place. Although the Wai Toddo Bua Kab area tour is relatively new. 
Luwu is already quite well known in cyberspace with a large number of posts by people who vacation there, this area is around ± 25 KM from Palopo city and around 35 KM from Belopa city. 
The curious can see the video below!

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