Malaysia switch off analog TV actived digital tv October 2019

Malaysia is currently transitioning UHF analog TV transmissions to digital UHF (DVB-T2), where the transition is targeted to be completed on 31 October (starting from the island of Langkawai which has been completed, 30 September for the central and southern regions, 14 October for the region north and east and 31 October for Sabah and Sarawak).

malaysia switch off uhf analog tv and actived digital tv october 2019

With the conversion to digital TV, all regions in Malaysia will be able to enjoy 15 national TV broadcasts (TV1, TV2, TV3, RTM HD Sports, TV9, etc.) for free, just buy the set-top box (MyFreeview) without any monthly subscription.

Myfeeview tv is a product of the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM), for the entire Malaysian community to be able to watch television with high quality without being bound by monthly fees.

Broadcasts from Myfreeview TV contain Malaysian local broadcasts, the number of channels is not as much as the channels provided by Astro and Hypptv.

The advantages of myfreeview tv can record favorite broadcasts, so no longer afraid that your favorite shows will be missed, the picture and sound are already high quality and of course free without monthly package fees.

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