New Transponder CTN HD, MyTV HD, and CNC HD

CBS Group (CNC, CTN, and My Tv) has migrated to HD quality, so there is no Mpeg2 version anymore, for users of MPEG 2 receivers, it seems they have to upgrade the receiver immediately to receivers that support Mpeg 4 HD.

new frekuensi ctn hd mytv hd and cnc hd

Ctn mytv and cnc have become HD in the satellite dish the frequency is One of the broadcasts that broadcast La Liga and English League for free on satellite dish, and became hunted by the tracker, indeed MYTV and CTN CNC is not completely free because they have to use a receiver that supports bisskey.

Ctn hd cnc hd mytv hd apstar 6 CTN HD, CNC HD, MyTV HD Satellite: Apstar 6 (134 BT) 4050 H 10400 (C Band) Mpeg4 / Hd / Biss (key same as before) Beam = all of Indonesia By switching to HD quality, the signal quality is smaller than when it was Mpeg2 (don't expect to locked again with a small dish ex pay tv).

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