⁣ Choki-Choki Ice Milk⁣ Indonesian food

⁣ Choki-Choki Ice Milk⁣ Indonesian food
In this article, the admin will share the fresh ones again, if you talk about the fresh ones, you will think of ice cubes or the Antarctic continent when it's hot, ok, just follow step by step.

Recipe by @ fridajoincoffee⁣
Material:: 1000 ml of UHT liquid milk
1 can of sweet white condensed milk (370 gr) ⁣
2 tablespoons Maizena⁣
½ teaspoon salt⁣
6 choki-choki⁣ sticks ⁣

How to Make: ⁣

  • Mix liquid milk with sweetened condensed milk, boil over low heat, while stirring, stirring until a little bubbly at the edges.⁣ 
  • Pour the cornstarch that has been dissolved with a little liquid milk, and also add salt, stir again until smooth, then turn off the heat, Cool.⁣ Prepare a plastic wrap ice cream, add the choki-choki, squeeze the chocolate, just half a stick. 
  • Then flatten but random to get an abstract motif Pour milk that is already completely cold, if you need to store it in the refrigerator first (the goal is so that when poured milk, choki-choki does not melt). Fill the ice plastic until it's full, then tie it in .⁣ 
  • Store in the freezer for several hours until frozen and ready to be enjoyed For 12 Choki-Choki Ice Milk

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